Bachelor degree

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The 4-year Bachelor of Theology course is committed to the ethical, moral and spiritual values ​​of Christianity and offers the student a deep and comprehensive formation, to develop a holistic and biblical conception of the human being, aiming at an action that contributes for a consistent spiritual, social, psychological, and ethical orientation both within and outside the church.


The teaching developed in Fatefé always seeks to foster knowledge and dialogue with the different theological currents, as well as to lead the student to develop free thinking and free exposure of ideas.

Be proficient in the organization, planning and motivation in matters related to administration and leadership, as well as the search for solutions to organizational and personal problems.

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The purpose of the course is to train theologians and religious ministers for reflection and action in all areas of knowledge and social political segments in order to understand and accept the logics and languages ​​of our time, allowing theology to immerse itself in historical reality and make itself the questions.

Acting in churches as pastors, missionaries, ministers in specific areas of ministry (couples, seniors, separated, counseling, chaplaincy, etc.).

Act as teachers in churches and minor theological institutions.

Act in religious teaching in public and private schools.

Necessary documents

When passing the entrance examination, you must present.

Completed registration form

Certified copies of the Certificate of Completion of High School (former Second Degree) and of the School History

Certified copies of the Birth or Marriage Certificate

Authenticated copies of personal documents

Three recent 3X4 photos